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First and Second

The rest of the images in the First and Second area come from the manual for the NES game, "Zelda II: The Adventures of Link." Link is now taller and thinner than the rather dumpy and short dwarf from the original "LoZ" game, but he's also twice as weird looking. Zelda, for some obscure reason, has red hair. All scans from "Zelda II" were scanned and donated by the generous Key.

Moblins attack the city Impa sees the Triforce symbol on Link's hand Impa shows Link the sleeping Zelda Zelda's kingly father Impa explains the curse on Zelda Uh... a mad crazy prince and Zelda?
Link studies a map Link dodges an enemy A determined Link sets off Point ratings for monsters Link ponders his necessary equipment Link holds up three fingers
Link sits down Scary. Link notices a heart Link admits defeat Link and a shield Link repells a stone
Link uses his voodoo magic Link seems out of it Link goes over more stuff I'm just as confused as you

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