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Welcome to TRIFORCE, a small image gallery for the The Legend of Zelda video game series by Nintendo. I didn't want to make a large site dedicated to Zelda, so this is a little tribute instead =)

This image gallery focuses on art developed for the series, not in-game shots or FMVs, although screenshots from the TV series will be available shortly. Please visit the links for sites that do have screenshots from the actual games. Although I don't have all the Zelda games or guides, hopefully the site will grow thanks to contributions from visitors =)

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Updated 01/11/02: Added new pictures to the "First and Second" section and "Past and Awakening" section.


The Legend of Zelda Series

There has been a Legend of Zelda video game on every major Nintendo platform, and with good reason. The series, an adventure/RPG series, is awesome.

The Legend of Zelda started out on the original Nintendo system. Unlike Nintendo games like Super Mario Brothers, Zelda gave the player some choice in where to go, limited choice on when to do certain things, and a world that didn't force you to move only up and to the right. The game introduced players to Link of Hyrule and his quest to find the eight missing pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, defeat Ganon, who has stolen the Triforce of Wisdom, and rescue Princess Zelda.

The original LoZ game was followed by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, a game completely different from all the other Zelda games in style. In it, Ganon has placed a curse on Zelda, and to wake her up from her enchanted sleep, Link must recover the Triforce of Courage. To get the Triforce, he has to first find various crystals.

After the Super Nintendo came out, a Zelda game was released for it titled A Link to the Past. The game gives much more depth to the Zelda legend, basically redefining and enhancing the story and characters with a different Link and a different Zelda. It's currently my favorite game in the series.

Link's Awakening was released for the Gameboy. It takes place sometime after A Link to the Past. In it, Link is on a boat when a terrible storm strikes, and he wakes up sometime later on a strange island. On the island, he encounters Maron, a girl who resembles Princess Zelda. He learns in order to leave the island, he must awaken the Wind Fish by finding various musical instruments scattered about the land. An enhanced Gameboy Color version was called Link's Awakening DX, and it had some color, a new dungeon, and had some extra features.

With the arrival of the Nintendo 64, two games were made for that platform. The first was Ocarina of Time in which a new Link must manipulate the forces of time in order to save Hyrule from Ganon. The second game, Majora's Mask, was a sequential sequel (but unrelated storywise) to Ocarina of Time where Link must travel through time in order to prevent the moon from crashing into a parallel world and destroying it.

Two Gameboy Color games, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, were released later. The games are related, and in order to unlock all the secrets and items, you have to link them.

The Story

Our silent hero is Link, who from game to game is either a teenager or a young boy. He lives in the world of Hyrule. Depending on the game, he either grows up with his uncle (A Link to the Past) or in the woods believing he's an elf (Ocarina of Time). In most of the games, he's a young man, since only recently in the N64 games did Link ever appear as a child (and get voice effects).

In most of the games, Link's main goal is to save the Princess Zelda from the demi-human Ganon (Ganondorf) by gaining a Triforce. Early on, there are two Triforces, the Triforce of Power (which Ganon has) and the Triforce of Wisdom (which Zelda always has). In the second game, the Triforce of Courage is what Link is after and which eventually comes to be associated with him. Apparently the three Triforces also make the whole Triforce; when whole, it rants the inner most desire of the user. In the later 'Link must rescue Zelda' games, Link also has to gain possession of the Master Sword, the sword that only the chosen hero can use, and the Silver Arrows, which are the only things that can stun Ganon.

The first Gameboy game and Majora's Mask are side stories so they don't revolve around rescuing Zelda. The Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are also side quests that mention Zelda but don't center around rescuing her.

Other Zelda Adventures

Link has also appeared in at least one other Nintendo game, but the only one I can think of offhand is Super Smash Brothers. He's a playable character in that fighting game, which has many famous Nintendo characters as players. Both Link and Shiek appear in Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Sometime during the release of A Link to the Past, Nintendo Power released a colored comic series based on the game. The comic series was primarily for North America.

Beside the games, in the late 80s there was an American Zelda cartoon series that showed every Friday on the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. It ran for 13 episodes. The TV series was very different from the game, which is to be expected since the early games had pretty limited character development (read: none). Zelda was pretty kick-ass, she was strong and could fight for herself, and she had an attitude. While Link wasn't exactly dorky, as he could obviously kick ass, too, but he had a thing for Zelda, which she didn't like. He called her "Princess" and tried to kiss her in every episode, and in every episode she refused or he somehow got screwed over.

Link and Zelda also appeared in two episodes of the Nintendo cartoon series (early 90s), Captain N. Their looks were somewhat modified- Link was a bit.. uh, darker and sturdier and had jealousy problems, and Zelda's costume showed off a lot more midriff for some reason. In their first appearance, Link and Zelda two had to team up with Kevin and Gameboy to stop Ganon from being revived. =) In the other episode, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard stole two of the three Triforces, so Link, Zelda, Kevin, and Lana went to retrieve them.

There was also a short comic series released by Nintendo in the early 90s. There were only a couple of issues of it, and in it, Link looked scrawny, short, and dorky =)

In Japan, there have been a ton of Zelda comic books by different artists ever since the first Zelda game was released in Japan. I know of at least three completely unrelated series, but I'm sure there have been more.

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First and Second

This section is for scans from the first The Legend of Zelda game for the NES and the second NES game, Zelda II: The Adventures of Link. =) In the original game, Link is really short, like a dwarf, roundish, and kind of cute in a goofy sort of way. In the second game, he's taller and thinner than the rather dumpy and short dwarf from the original LoZ game, but he's also twice as weird looking. Zelda, for some obscure reason, has red hair.

All Legend of Zelda (original game) scans were graciously scanned and donated by Ashley. All scans from "Zelda II" were scanned and donated by the generous Key.

  • Link helps an old crone
  • Link looks at some mountains
  • Link buys weapons
  • Link enters a dungeoun
  • Link and a faerie
  • Link throws a boomerang
  • Link hides from a big, one-eyed creature
  • Link pushes a statue
  • Link dives into a doorway
  • Link versus a huge arse monster
  • Link wields the Triforce

  • Moblins attack the city
  • Impa sees the Triforce symbol on Link's hand
  • Impa shows Link the sleeping Zelda
  • Zelda's kingly father
  • Impa explains the curse on Zelda
  • Uh... a mad crazy prince and Zelda?
  • Link studies a map
  • Link dodges an enemy
  • A determined Link sets off
  • Point ratings for monsters
  • Link ponders his necessary equipment
  • Link holds up three fingers
  • Link sits down
  • Scary.
  • Link notices a heart
  • Link admits defeat
  • Link and a shield
  • Link repells a stone
  • Link uses his voodoo magic
  • Link seems out of it
  • Link goes over more stuff
  • I'm just as confused as you

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    Past and Awakening

    The Zelda pictures in this section are mostly from the SuperNES game, A Link to the Past. The first set of images were also later used in the instruction manual for the Gameboy game, Link's Awakening which is why the two games are grouped together. The second group of images were, I believe, solely used for the Super Nintendo game. The third group of images were only for the Gameboy game, Link's Awakening. The artwork is pretty good, not beautiful, but kind of cute. Link looks rather goofy. =) The Marin, Tarin, and Owl images were donated by Kelpie.

  • Link poses with sword and shield
  • Link jumps down
  • Link holds up a pot
  • Link slams into a wall
  • Link runs goofily from danger
  • swimming Link
  • Link slashes with his sword
  • Link spin cuts
  • Charging up the sword
  • Link and his bow

  • Link looks at a dungeon
  • Link fights off a sand creature
  • Exhausted Link rests against a tree
  • Link finds a maiden sealed in crystal
  • Zelda calls to sleeping Link
  • Link's uncle
  • Princess Zelda
  • Link and Zelda in the underground passage

  • Marin, island girl who resembles Zelda
  • The owl, your cryptic guide
  • Tarin, Marin's mushroom-loving dad

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    Ocarina and Mask

    The images in this gallery come from the Nintendo 64 games, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Of all the Zelda games, these two probably have the most beautiful artwork available. Link and Sheik are just plain hot :D (And... yes, I *know* what I just said.) Adult Maron and Zelda are also very beautiful =)

  • adult Link holding sword and shield
  • Link posing and glaring
  • Link leaping with sword
  • young Link slashing a plant
  • adult Link slashing sideways
  • adult Link looking forward
  • young Link with a slingshot
  • Link crouching low with his sword
  • adult Link jumping
  • adult Link rolling
  • adult Link and Shiek
  • young Link and young Zelda
  • Link holding a Goron mask
  • Link reaching for his sword
  • young Link glaring
  • Link sorta sideways
  • Deku Link
  • Zoran Link
  • Link as a Goron
  • Link leaping in the air
  • Link riding Epona
  • young Zelda
  • Malon, Talon, and that groucy dude, Ingo
  • Malon and her older sister
  • Impa, Zelda's nurse
  • Ruto, a Zoran princess
  • Nabooru
  • Saria, Link's best friend
  • the mysterious Shiek

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    Seasons and Ages

    The following are images from the Gameboy Color/Advanced games, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. The two games have lovely illustrations created for them. They art is not quite as beautiful as the illustrations for Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, but they are very nice. Link and Zelda are adorable.

    Nothing scanned in yet :/

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    Motion and Quiescence

    The first sets of images are snapshots from the first Captain N cartoon episode that Link and Zelda cameo in. There are some pictures of Ganon and Kevin (aka Captain N) as well =) The screenshots were made from the movie file downloaded from . .

  • Close-up of Link
  • Captain N offers Link his hand
  • Link winks
  • Link points to Kevin's infamous zapper
  • Link shows how cool he is
  • Whee, spinning swords is dangerous
  • Link looks scary
  • Link holds his sword
  • It's not you I doubt, it's just your zapper
  • I'm not resentful of you... honest
  • Link and his funky shield
  • The shield can magically shrink
  • Link fights off skeletons
  • Um.. ew.
  • Link's sword can shoot cute but deadly pink lights!
  • Link learns that friendship is better than being a glory-hogging, selfish, jerk-arse
  • Zelda looks a little slow
  • Why does this reception suck?
  • Haha, Simon, you're such a loser.
  • Now go away and get me Captain N.
  • Woah, girlfriend, showing a little too much skin, aren't we?
  • Zelda close-up
  • Zelda again
  • Zelda's bow appears magically in her hands
  • Zelda shows off her mad archery skillz
  • Zelda warns off Kevin
  • You can tell she's mad because she's making a fist
  • Close-up of Zelda's face
  • Fly, my arrow, fly!
  • Talk to me, woman, I'm your princess
  • They really aren't holding hands
  • Bow, Sword, and Zapper
  • It's a rule that all princesses have to give some to heroes
  • I'm so NOT jealous!
  • Kevin doesn't mind some lovin' on the side
  • Link learns to share
  • Simon, Gameboy, Kid Icarus, Megaman, and Zelda
  • Awww! Cutesy pig Ganon
  • Awww! again
  • Ganon gulps down the Potion of Power
  • *burp* Excuse me...
  • Look how big and ugly I've become!
  • f34r m3

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    Site and Contact

    Image Information

    The images from the original, NES The Legend of Zelda game were donated by Ashley.
    Manual pictures from The Adventure of Link NES game were scanned by Key.
    Pictures from the Gameboy game, Link's Awakening, come from Kelpie.
    Thanks so much to Ashley, Key, and Kelpie for donating images to the site! <3 <3 I'm really very appreciative of your generosity!
    The rest of the images on TRIFORCE were scanned or captured by myself. =)

    Using Images

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