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Welcome to TRIFORCE, an image gallery for the The Legend of Zelda video game series by Nintendo. I didn't want to make a large site dedicated to Zelda, so this is a small tribute instead =)

This image gallery focuses on art developed for the series and will not have in-game shots or FMV snaps. However, there are screenshots from some of the TV episodes here. Although I don't own all the Zelda games and game guides, hopefully the site will grow thanks to contributions from visitors =)

This version of the site is fairly graphics intensive. Although Netscape 4.0 users will be able to view all of the galleries, the layout is unreadable for these visitors in two sections of the site. If possible, please use Internet Explorer 5 or higher. If you have a slow modem or use Netscape, please use the text version.

To navigate the site, click a link in the dark green box to the left. It says "Menu" on the side =) Site updates are located here.

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