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Image Information

The images from the original, NES The Legend of Zelda game were donated by Ashley.
Manual pictures from The Adventure of Link NES game were scanned by Key.
Pictures from the Gameboy game, Link's Awakening, come from Kelpie.
Thanks so much to Ashley, Key, and Kelpie for donating images to the site! <3 <3 I'm really very appreciative of your generosity!
The rest of the images on TRIFORCE were scanned or captured by myself. =)

Using Images

If you'd like to use images from TRIFORCE, you are free to do so if they come from the galleries. This is alright as long as you aren't taking all the pictures to create your own Zelda image gallery. That's just lazy and rude. Please credit TRIFORCE if you do use images from here by linking to us on your website at Also, you cannot use any images created and edited specifically for this site, meaning you cannot take images from the site's layouts =)

Link Free

This site is link free, which means you don't have to ask my permission to link here. If you'd like to link to TRIFORCE, please link to the URL You can use one of the following buttons.

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. . Nintendo's official Zelda site.

. . Nintendo's official Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask website.

. . A large site dedicated to all aspects of the Zelda series. It also has all 13 episodes of the Zelda TV cartoon + the Captain N episode in which Link and Zelda appear.

. . Dedicated to Captain N, it also has stuff on the 80s/90s Zelda projects in TV and comics.

. . Lots of pictures, media, and previews for all types of video games, including The Legend of Zelda.

Layout Information

The current layout is version 2. It's green, it uses tables, and I like it much better than the previous layout. I also owe Chris, my webgod master (maybe too repetitive?), many thanks for helping me get the damn thing to work! XD

Contacting Me

If you'd like to contact me to ask me questions or comment on the site, please e-mail me here.

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