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Ocarina and Mask

The images in this gallery come from the Nintendo 64 games, "Ocarina of Time" and "Majora's Mask." Of all the Zelda games, these two probably have the most beautiful artwork available. Link and Shiek are just plain hot :D (And... yes, I *know* what I just said.) Adult Maron and Zelda are also very beautiful =)

adult Link holding sword and shield Link posing and glaring Link leaping with sword young Link slashing a plant adult Link slashing sideways adult Link looking forward
young Link with a slingshot Link crouching low with his sword adult Link jumping adult Link rolling adult Link and Shiek young Link and young Zelda
Link holding a Goron mask Link reaching for his sword young Link glaring Link sorta sideways Deku Link Zoran Link
Link as a Goron Link leaping in the air Link riding Epona young Zelda reserved for adult Zelda Malon, Talon, and that groucy dude, Ingo
Malon and her older sister Impa, Zelda's nurse Ruto, a Zoran princess Nabooru Saria, Link's best friend the mysterious Shiek

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