deku? deku? deku?

Motion and Quiescence

These images are snapshots from the first "Captain N" cartoon episode that Link and Zelda cameo in. The screenshots were made from the episode downloaded from . .

Close-up of Link Captain N offers Link his hand Link winks Link points to Kevin's infamous zapper Link shows how cool he is Whee, spinning swords is dangerous
Link looks scary Link holds his sword It's not you I doubt, it's just your zapper I don't resent you... honest Link and his funky shield The shield can magically shrink
Link fights off skeletons Um.. ew. Link's sword can shoot cute but deadly pink lights! Link learns that friendship is better than being a glory-hogging, selfish, jerk-arse Zelda looks a little slow Why does this reception suck?
Haha, Simon, you're such a loser. Now go away and get me a real man. Woah, girlfriend, showing a little too much skin, aren't we? Zelda close-up Zelda again Zelda's bow appears magically in her hands
Zelda shows off her mad archery skillz Zelda warns off Kevin You can tell she's mad because she's making a fist Close-up of Zelda's face Fly, my arrow, fly! Talk to me, woman, I'm your princess
They really aren't holding hands Bow, Sword, and Zapper It's a rule that all princesses have to give some to heroes I'm SO not jealous! Kevin doesn't mind some lovin' on the side Link learns to share
Simon, Gameboy, Kid Icarus, Megaman, and Zelda Awww! Cutesy pig Ganon Awww! again Ganon gulps down the Potion of Power *burp* Excuse me... Look how big and ugly I've become!

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