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January 11, 2002: Did some HTML clean-up. Woo hoo for style sheets! Uploaded new images for "Past and Awakening" and "First and Second." The image credits section in the "Site and Contact" area have been updated, too. New buttons are in "Site and Contact" area.

November 15, 2001: Uploaded some screenshots for "Motion and Quiescence."

November 14, 2001: New layout for "TRIFORCE"! I also added some new pictures to the "First and Second" (NES) section!

September 24, 2001: Updated and modified "Legend and Truth," added another link, and set the site up for more sections.

September 20, 2001: Added more to "Legend and Truth" and added two new links =)

August 12, 2001: "TRIFORCE" is open =)

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