Welcome to TRIFORCE, a small image gallery for the The Legend of Zelda video game series by Nintendo. I didn't want to make a large site dedicated to Zelda, so this is a little tribute instead =)

This image gallery focuses on art developed for the series, not in-game shots or FMVs, although screenshots from the TV series will be available shortly. Please visit the links for sites that do have screenshots from the actual games. Although I don't have all the Zelda games or guides, hopefully the site will grow thanks to contributions from visitors =)

If you'd like to use images from TRIFORCE, you are free to do so if they come from the galleries. This is alright as long as you aren't taking all the pictures to create your own Zelda image gallery. That's just lazy and rude. Please credit TRIFORCE if you do use images from here by linking to us on your website at Do NOT direct link to files. Also, you cannot use any images created and edited specifically for this site, meaning you cannot take images from the site's layouts =)

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